Prof. Rüdiger Rackwitz

The Rackwitz Symposium -
a Milestone in Structural Reliability

Friday, November 24, 2006
Technical University of Munich
Start: 09:50am (Registration 09:30am)

Organized by:

Prof. Dr. Michael H. Faber, ETH Zurich
Prof. Dr. Ton Vrouwenvelder, TNO Delft
Prof. Dr. Konrad Zilch, TU Munich

Dear friends and colleagues
of Rüdiger


As most of you may know:
Rüdiger has retired in July 2006 from his long and strong commitment at the Technical University of Munich.
This event clearly deserves some reflection and for this reason a small symposium “The Rackwitz Symposium - a Milestone in Structural Reliability” will be held on:

Friday November 24, 2006
at Technical University of Munich

Registration at: 09:30am
Official Address at: 09:50am
Start Technical Session I at: 10:00am


The aim of the symposium being that friends and colleagues of Rüdiger will have the opportunity, jointly to celebrate the significant contributions of Rüdiger, to share the most recent research ideas and perspectives - and to set a milestone in the research on structural reliability.

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