Workshop on Reliability Based Code Calibration

Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, ETH Zurich, Switzerland

March 21-22, 2002

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Papers and Presentations

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TheWorkshop on Reliability Based Code Calibration took place at the Swiss Federal Institute of Technology in Zurich on March 21-22, 2002 . The topics of the workshop have been Code Calibration Approach,Probabilistic Modelling, Acceptance Criteria for Code Calibration, Probabilistic modeling for resistances and Application of Code Calibration I - IV

The workshop was performed according to the following timetable.

The following people joined the Workshop
List of Participants

List of Papers and Presentations

Name of Author Title Paper Presentation
Z. SadovskýProbability based design codes in SlovakiaX
– Historical development and new challenges
M.H.FaberReliability Based Code CalibrationXX
J-B Schleich
M. SasaniProbabilistic Models for Seismic Design and XX
Assessment of RC Structural Walls
T. VrouwenvelderReliability Based Code calibration The use of the JCSS Probabilistic Model Code X
R. SkjongSetting Target Reliabilities by Marginal Safety ReturnsXX
R. RackwitzOptimization and Target Reliabilities XX
J.D. SorensenCalibration of Partial Safety Factors in Danish Structural CodesX
R. SkjongThe Probabilistic Code Optimization Module - ProcodeXX
Y HonjoDetermination of partial factors for vertically loaded piles X
for a seismic loading condition based on reliability theory
A. TeixeiraAssessment of partial safety factors for tankers XX
M. HolockyReliability based calibration of Eurocodes considering a steel memberX
M. ByfieldSafety variations in steel designed using Eurocode 3X
J. MarkovaCalibration of Reliability Elements for a ColumnX
G. ThomosReliability Based Calibration ?f the Greek Seismic CodeXX
C. DymiotisCalibration of Partial Safety Factors in Danish Structural CodesXX
P. Friis HansenReliability-based code calibration of partial safety factorsX
N-J Tarp JohansenExperience with Acceptance Criteriafor Offshore Wind Turbines in Extreme LoadingX
A. SarjaReliability based life cycle design and maintenance planningXX
P.L. PedersenReliability-based Design of New Expansion JointsX
for the Little Belt Suspension Bridge