Decision Analysis, Probabilistic System Modeling, Reliability Analysis, Risk Assessment, Big Data – and Applications


Department of Civil Engineering at Aalborg University; From May 25 to 29, 2020


  • Joint Committee on Structural Safety
  • Group on Risk and Reliability, Department of Built Environment, AAU, Denmark
  • Danish Hydrocarbon Research and Development Centre
  • K-FORCE Erasmus+ Project


  • M. H. Faber, AAU, DK
  • Prof. J. D. Sørensen, AAU, DK
  • Ph.D. M. Schubert, Matrisk GmbH, CH
  • Prof. J. Nielsen, AAU, DK
  • Ph.D. Fellow, S. Tølbøll Glavind, AAU, DK
  • Ph.D. Fellow J. G. Sepúlveda-Astudillo, AAU, DK
  • Post Doc H. Brüske, AAU, DK
  • Post Doc José G. Rangel-Ramirez, AAU, DK


Methods of reliability, risk, and safety assessment are increasingly gaining importance as decision support tools across the engineering sciences.
In order to utilize these methods and to exploit their potential in research, public governance and industrial applications a deep understanding of the fundamental principles is necessary.


The present course provides the background, methods, and tools for decision analysis on the optimal management of engineered systems.
Topics/lectures of the course include:

  • Statistics and Bayesian probability theory
  • Bayesian decision analysis
  • Information management
  • Probabilistic system characteristics
  • Optimization and acceptance criteria
  • Time invariant/variant reliability methods
  • Monte Carlo Techniques
  • Modern systems reliability techniques
  • Bayesian nets and Bayesian modeling
  • Big Data techniques
  • Applications

Application domains include, but are not limited to energy production systems, traffic infrastructure systems, buildings and structures, offshore and marine systems.
The course consists of lectures, exercises, mini-projects, and self-study. Lecture notes will be provided in advance of the course.



The evaluation of the courses is based on:

  1. The solutions to the exercises produced by the participants during the course
  2. A mini-project submitted by the students within two weeks after the completion of the course

The reports documenting the mini-projects are assumed to be in the order of 10-15 pages. Three (3) ECTS points will be given to participants participating and satisfactorily solving the exercises during the course.
An additional two (2) ECTS points (total of five ECTS points) will be given to participants who choose also to submit a mini-project – provided this is positively evaluated. Successful evaluations will be recognized by a JCSS Diploma.


The course is intended for Ph.D. students, academics and professionals from the industry and public authorities, working in the field of risk-informed management of engineered facilities and structures in the area of civil engineering, such as:

  • Bridges, tunnels and roadway systems
  • Wind turbines and wind turbines parks
  • Offshore oil and gas production facilities

The course is offered at national and international levels. All lectures will be given in English.


The present course on Decision Support for Management of Engineered Systems will take place on May 25 – 29, 2020 at the Department of Civil Engineering at Aalborg University.


Participants must register before May 4, 2020; through the AAU Ph.D. School Home Page:

Course participation is free for Ph.D. students from Denmark and any other of the Nordic Countries. For Ph.D. students coming from other countries, the registration fee is EUR 400. Participants from the industry are due to pay a fee of EUR 1650.
The course registration fee covers participation in the course and study materials.
All participants are offered coffee or refreshments at coffee breaks and a course dinner event for an additional Euro 100.
Participants are responsible for organizing and paying for their own travel, meals, and accommodation.
Since there may be limitations on the total number of participants to the course, attendance will be granted in accordance with the order of registrations – “first come – first serve”.
By May 6, 2020; all registered participants will be notified with regards to their attendance and provided details with respect modes of registration payments.

By May 6, 2020; all registered participants will be notified with regards to their attendance and provided details with respect modes of registration payments.


Further information can be found at the home page:

or please contact,

  • Ruth Klitte,