“Structural reliability, robustness and risk analysis are essential topics for the innovation of the Civil Engineering sector, and it was an honour to be taught by such famous and experienced professors. I particularly appreciated their willing to establish a dialogue with us during both classes and coffee breaks; it was not just a course, but the beginning of a long-term collaboration that will surely contribute to a better and safer future for everyone.”

Andrea Franchini,
MSc, Research assistant,
Tongji University (China) & University of Trento (Italy)

“I am very grateful to JCSS for organizing this course, during which I systematically learned reliability-related subjects and I was provided with innovative ideas for my future research work. Teachers were very dedicated and carefully answered all the students’ questions any time they had doubts or curiosities. I had an unforgettable and precious time; looking forward to the next opportunity to meet all together.”

Yu Xiaoyu,
PhD candidate,
Tongji University (China)

“The course was distinguished by the fact that complicated topics could be discussed with highly competent experts. I very much appreciate the lecturers’ willingness to address individual issues.”

Stefan, PhD candidate,
Federal Institute for Materials Research
and Testing BAM (Germany)

“It was a great honour to attend JCSS summer school. My research field involves the reliability analysis of dams and, thanks to the course, I understood that system reliability analysis can enrich my results and lead to stronger conclusions. I will definitely work on that in the future.”

Na Hao,
MSc student,
Beijing Jiaotong University (China)

“JCSS course was quite inspiring, especially the random field class given by Prof. Chen, from which I got great ideas for my future research work. Besides, I was enlightened by Prof. Faber’s concept of time: time is the most important resource human beings have and it is consumed to do and create everything. In this process, we need to solve a trade-off between what is important and what is trivial, doing what we can to leave a better future to who will come. It has definitely been much more than only a summer school.”

Chen Guanhao,
MSc student,
Zhejian University (China)

“I had a very good time during this summer school, and I’d like to thank every teacher for giving us such high-level, clear and interesting classes. Their speeches were wise, Prof. Faber’s being the one that impressed me most. I will bear in mind how important it is to coordinate environmental and architectural design, in order to achieve more reliable structures and communities.”

Simin Wang,
MSc student,
Beijing Jiaotong University (China)