November 30, 2005 JCSS meeting BRE, Garston,
Watford, UK
November 28-29, 2005 Robustness of Structures.
Workshop organised by JCSS
BRE, Garston,
Watford, UK
June 18, 2005 JCSS meeting Rome, Italy
May 8-11, 2005 4th International Workshop
on Life-Cycle cost Analysis
and Design of Civil
Infrastructure Systems
Cocoa Beach, Florida
December 5-9, 2004 IFED – First Forum Stoos, Switzerland
December 3-4, 2004 JCSS meeting Zurich, Switzerland
April 29-30, 2004 JCSS meeting Madrid, Spain
November 24, 2003 JCSS meeting Paris, France
March 27, 2003 JCSS meeting Lausanne, Switzerland
March 25-26, 2003 The 3rd International
Workshop on Life-Cycle Cost
Analysis and Design of Civil
Infrastructure Systems
Lausanne, Switzerland
March 24, 2003 JCSS and fib WP 5.3-1,
TG 5.6, Workshop on
Probabilistic Modeling of
Deterioration Processess
in Concrete Structures
Lausanne, Switzerland
October 16-18, 2002 SAFERELNET meeting Zurich, Switzerland
October 10-11, 2002 COST Action E24 and JCSS
Workshop on Probabilistic
Modeling in Reliability
Analysis of Timber Structures
Zurich, Switzerland
October 7-8, 2002 JCSS WP1 and WP2 meeting Guilford, UK
March 21-22, 2002 JCSS Workshop on Reliability
Based Code Calibration
Zurich, Switzerland
March 20, 2002JCSS WP1 and WP2 meeting Zurich, Switzerland