Michael H. FaberIn Memory of Professor Rüdiger Rackwitz
Niels Lind and Jatin NathwaniOrigin and Development of the LQI
Philip J. ThomasDiscount rates for use in calculating the J-value
Katharina Fischer and Michael H. FaberThe LQI acceptance criterion and human compensation costs
for monetary optimization – A discussion note
The LQI acceptance criterion and monetary optimization
Milan Holický  Risk optimization of road tunnels using LQI
Rolf SkjongExperience with implementation of LQI at the International
Maritime Organization
Niels Lind and Jatin Nathwani LQI Bibliography and Abstracts
Matthias Schubert LQI – The marginal life saving cost principle in
engineering practice
Katharina Fischer,
Celeste Barnardo-Viljoen
and Michael H. Faber
Deriving target reliabilities from the LQI
Deriving target reliabilities from the Life Quality Index
Michael H. Faber On the Compatibility of the LQI with Present Best Practice
Safety Regulation
Michael H. Faber and Edgar Virquez-Rodriguez Supporting Decisions on Global Health and Life Safety Investments