Mini symposium “MS57 Ship Collision Risk” at the ICOSSAR2021

Date and Place:

Date of event: June 21-55, 2021 at Tongji University, Shanghai, China
Submission of abstracts for mini-symposium: 10.April.2020 – 31.May.2020 (Extended to 30 June 2020)
Link to ICOSSAR 2021 webpage: MS57 Ship Collision Risk

About the event:

As a follow up of the JCSS-Workshop Ship Collision Risk Assessment at COWI early 2020 (see here) a Mini-Symposium on the same topic will be organized during the ICOSSAR 2021 in Shanghai. Typical keywords are collision scenarios, consequence modelling, and mitigating measures. The emphasis will be on statistical and probabilistic models, computer simulation techniques for collision initiation scenarios, models for ship structure interaction during the impact, risk acceptance criteria, practical applications, and codification. The intention is to reach an even wider group of people as in Lyngby and to find ways to for further integration of available techniques and approaches.

For a short period, it is still possible to express your interest in a contribution to the symposium.
In that case, please contact one of the organizers.

  • Mirjam Nelisse, TNO, the Netherlands ( ).
  • Ton Vrouwenvelder, TNO, the Netherlands ( ) .
  • Inger Birgitte Kroon, COWI, Denmark ( ) .